The Flavour Folio

Whether classic or cosmopolitan, fresh and zesty or rich and chocolate coated, there’s a flavour to cater for every taste, for every style, a slice to savour. 

I know the secret recipe that guarantees the lightest fluffiest sponge with the creamiest centre, a rich chocolate brownie consistency for the chocoholics and a gorgeous white chocolate ganache to provide a flawless base and frosting to finish.

Fancies’ Favourites

Signature Vanilla
Light Madagascan vanilla infused sponge, triple layered with all butter raspberry curd or strawberry conserve and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Zesty Lemon
Light and zesty lemon sponge, drizzled with lemon syrup, layered with lemon curd and lemon buttercream

Chocolate Mud
Rich chocolate sponge, layered with a lightly whipped chocolate fudge buttercream or alternatively triple layer with salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel drizzle

White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple
Delicate white chocolate sponge, triple layered with a fluffy raspberry buttercream rippled with an all butter raspberry curd

Salted Caramel 
A rich caramel sponge, triple layered with fluffy salted caramel buttercream and a salted caramel drizzle

Zesty Lemon Sponge infused with an elderflower syrup, layered with lemon curd and elderflower buttercream


Something 'Fancie'

Raspberry & Pink Champagne
Light pink champagne infused sponge, drizzled with a pink champagne syrup and triple layered with a Framboise Liqueur coulis and silky raspberry buttercream

Passionfruit Martini
Luxury passoa and prosecco infused sponge, layered with whipped passionfruit buttercream and all butter passionfruit curd. 

Pina Colada
A light creamy coconut sponge, drizzled with a rum syrup, triple layered with a coconut and pineapple buttercream, and pineapple compote.

Gin & Tonic
Gin and lime infused sponge, drizzled with a gin syrup, triple layered with a zesty lime buttercream and lemon all butter curd.

Espresso Martini
Dark chocolate and espresso sponge, soaked in a coffee liquor syrup, layered with a lightly whipped creamy espresso buttercream. 

Cherry Amaretto Sidecar
Almond sponge, laced with Amaretto syrup, layered with Morello cherry conserve and Amaretto buttercream. 


Sugar Styling Service

For those looking for showstopping sugar-style, this is a feast for the senses, promising decadence and flavour.  My personal Sugar Styling service ensures a swoon-worthy display of cakepops, cupcakes, macarons and more.  Edible sequins, gilded glazing, metallic hues and an incredible array of cake stands, glass jars, table runners and props, designed to showcase your treats to perfection.

The Sugar Suite

Macarons | Cake Pops | Baby Cakes | Sphere Cakes | Cupcakes | Iced Biscuits | Baby Bundt Cakes | Blondies | Brownies | Chocolate Gems | Mini Iced Doughnuts | Meringue Kisses | Marshmallows 


The Design Process

Thank you so much Emma for our beautiful naked cake and cupcakes, not only did they taste amazing but looked spectacular. You have a true talent!

Colette & Dan - Carey's Manor

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